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Funded projects: a good source of local intelligence

3 February 2009

I was in Manchester last Wednesday, Newcastle on Thursday and Leeds on Friday as the England element of our consultation gathered pace.

Thanks to so many of you for taking the trouble to come along and grapple with the interactive technology. We’ve gained plenty of excellent insights. One that really struck home with me was a contributor from a youth project in Berwick that the Lottery funded some years back.

While we had lost touch with the excellent progress his venture has made, other funders remained in touch not only about the project itself but also as a source of local intelligence about what was happening in the area. There are clearly limits for a Fund the size of ours in terms of engaging in this kind of activity with each and every one of the many thousands of projects we have funded.  However, I certainly came away sensing that there is a knowledge base among the Big Lottery Fund alumni that we could be tapping into more systematically than we do at present.

We could also make it easier for those of you who want to tell us either about what you’ve been up to or about what’s needed (or not needed) in your area to do so on a more regular basis than happens now.

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