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25th anniversary of Help the Hospices

17 March 2009

Off to St James’s Palace last night for the 25th anniversary of Help the Hospices.  The Big Lottery Fund and its predecessor bodies have funded hospices to the tune of £135 million over the years. I suggested to The Queen that this wasn’t a bad by-product of a weekly flutter and she agreed (though I’ve a suspicion she might also play on Wednesdays).

Interesting chat with Jo Blackburn from Help the Hospices about work they are doing with young people. More of them who have terminal conditions are living longer and there are some fascinating transition issues when it comes to considering how best to help such people move into adult life.

Simply transferring from a traditional children’s hospice to an adult one is by no means the obvious answer. Transitions was, of course, a theme highlighted in our recent consultation as one where BIG might seek to make a distinct impact.


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