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Time to get your hands dirty

7 May 2009

We announced close to £1million  yesterday in further funding to 251 small community projects through the final round of our Breathing Places funding programme.

Read the full list of awards

The Breathing Places programme is a joint initiative led by the BBC and funded by BIG. Since 2006 we’ve awarded £9.5 million to 1073 projects that allow communities to transform the local environment and create wildlife-friendly green spaces.

What’s great about this funding is that it’s relatively small amounts of money that make a significant difference to local environment projects by encouraging wider community involvement and use of the Breathing Place. One might say the funding of such grass roots projects allows communities to blossom, I’d rather say it creates a great opportunity for people to get involved with and learn from their local environment.

From now until the first weekend of June the BBC will begin its UK wide push to get the nation to join in the BBC Springwatch Dirty Weekend on 6 – 7 June. People of all ages will be encouraged to get their hands dirty by doing one thing for nature and wildlife;  going on nature walks, creating bug hotels, bee habitats or sowing seeds. These are just some of the activities that will be offered at hundreds of community nature events being held at Breathing Places, many of which have been funded by BIG.

I’m not so sure about the bug hotel but I’m hoping to  get along to the Greenwich peninsula to help out on 7 June.  In doing so I will be joining many other BIG staff across the UK who will be looking to get there hands dirty at their local Breathing Place. We’re rightly proud of what we fund and this is a great opportunity to see first hand the benefits of that funding by getting active in local community projects.

But the BBC’s ‘Dirty Weekend’ is open to everyone.  If you want to get involved then take a look at the BBC Breathing Places website – the event finder lists hundreds of opportunities to volunteer or get involved at a Breathing Place near you either during the ‘Dirty Weekend’ itself or at any other time.  The postcode search makes it a great way to find Breathing Places local to you.


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