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Launch of BIG’s Strategic Framework

25 June 2009

Big thinking Strategic Framework to 2015

Today we launch two documents and a press release that will have a profound effect on BIG and on the communities we support.

Following on from our recent Big thinking consultation, we publish our Strategic Framework to 2015 and, alongside this, What You Told Us, a comprehensive analysis of the consultation responses. The BIG response to help UK recession-hit communities sets out our package of measures designed to help communities affected by the impact of the recession. Taken together, the three give a clear picture of BIG’s past, present and future.

We received an impressive 3,500 responses to our Big thinking online survey and many more of you participated through our regional and national meetings. The responses reflected on your experience of BIG so far and we’ve never felt so well informed about the type of funder you’d like us to be. What You Told Us gives the full story of the consultation so that you can see at a glance where there was most agreement and which questions generated debates that we will want to continue with you in the coming months.

Big thinking: Our Strategic Framework to 2015 is, as the title suggests, the future. It describes how we will continue our journey towards being an intelligent funder – dynamic, responsive and with influence and impact that goes beyond grant-making. BIG’s Strategic Framework is deliberately pitched at the long-term and sets out the starting points for the programmes we will develop across the UK.

The present is a tougher proposition. One of the strongest messages to emerge from our consultation is how severely the recession is affecting local communities.
BIG is responding with a package of support which increases the budgets for some of our most popular programmes and which also looks to the future and asks how we can support projects that tackle some of the longer-term impacts.

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