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How can we improve our application process?

24 November 2009

Our Scotland team are currently working hard to develop a range of new funding opportunities, which we will launch next year. Part of their planning for the future is to look at the work BIG undertook with Investing in Communities and examine how we can build on our successes and learn from our mistakes.

We’ve already heard the message that our stakeholders want us to give clear decisions early in the process so that we can reduce the number of unsuccessful applicants, but we also know that sometimes we haven’t made ourselves clear about what we need to hear from applicants during the application process.

With this in mind, we’d like your feedback on the application materials we used last time around, and our application processes in general.  We want to hear your thoughts on:

  • What were the strengths of the way BIG works compared to other funders?
  • What best practice can we copy from elsewhere?
  • In terms of our application form, were there any questions which were unclear, or any parts where we could improve our guidance?
  • What sort of questions would help us to understand your project better?
  • Which questions didn’t help you communicate your project to us?

Download Our Investing in Communities Outline proposal form and our full application form.

We promise to consider all of your suggestions as part of our work in improving our future programmes. We’ll look to post feedback here if that’s possible, but please also sign up to our Scotland eBulletin or our Twitter updates where you’ll get the latest news as we count down to the launch of our new programmes next year.

If you’re looking for funding now, we still have a number of funding programmes open for Scottish applicants.

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