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Investing in Communities programme – Guest blogger Dharmendra Kanani

13 July 2010

I’m delighted that BIG has now relaunched our Investing in Communities programme in Scotland, which builds on the success of the work we began in 2006. Here are my thoughts on the new programmes, and some information on the areas we want to invest in.

To celebrate the relaunch of the new programmes, we commissioned a series of short films which set out the positive difference we want to make with our investment. Each film features people in Scotland who have already benefitted from lottery investment from BIG, from providing a lifeline for isolated older people to helping people into work or training. You can also see the impact our funding made to the residents of the island of Foula who now have their own electricity supply!

This is Bill’s story:

You can see the rest of the films online

Dharmendra Kanani

Director, Scotland

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