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One Nottingham Quilt

2 August 2010

Pauline Edwards from 11 Tech and the mayor of Nottingham, Brian Grocock The upper bar at Cape in Nottingham plays a bit of light reggae and there’s more than a hint of spice in the air. Last Monday was the launch of 11 Tech 18’s One Nottingham Quilt. 11 Tech 18 was funded by Awards for All programme and recieved £6,968.

11 Tech 18 is a voluntary group in Nottingham working across the city with young people, families and individuals needing information on services, community issues, activities and training. Having seen how rich and diverse the communities in Nottingham are, they decided to create a quilt that reflected the different groups of people living in the city.

Pauline Edwards was the designer and creator of the quilt.

“It’s taught me a lot about the people living in my community and I really hope that it will inspire us all to come together and learn more about each other. We need to learn about those who live among us and this quilt can be a talking point, a starting point to start talking.”

The mayor of Nottingham, Brian Grocock, was on hand to unveil the quilt and then it was time for the real entertainment to begin. A buffet spread of foods from all over the world – including delicious jerk chicken and some Greek mezze – accompanied by singing and dancing performances.

11 Tech 18 project's quilt
Find out more about the Awards for All funding programme and see if your project can apply.
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