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A bumper crop

16 September 2010
Sarah Blackford

Pumpkin patch: Farmer’s wife Sarah has donated two acres of land

Families in Crowhurst, Sussex and the surrounding towns are getting their hands dirty and learning how to grow their own food thanks to the generosity of a local farmer’s wife, Sarah Blackford.

Sarah (pictured right) has handed over two acres of land for Crowhurst Community Agriculture to use to help more people grow their own food, especially those without a garden of their own.

Together, the community has transformed the plot of land into a thriving fruit and vegetable patch. Local families  come together to sow, weed, maintain and harvest the produce grown in the garden, and at the end of it all they can take home the food.

A £3,540 Big Lottery Fund grant helped to get more people involved by running a series of event days to teach people about growing organic food, caring for the environment and living sustainably.

>> Find out if your project could apply for a BIG grant

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