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Getting creative in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter

11 October 2010

The Mighty Creatives

There are now less than two years to go until London 2012  (to be precise, 655 days!). But the Games are about more than sport – London 2012 is also staging a Cultural Olympiad, a series of events to showcase the UK’s arts and culture to the rest of the world. It’s designed to give everyone a chance to be involved and to inspire creativity, with a legacy lasting well beyond the Olympic torch being put out.

And nestled within Leicester’s Cultural Quarter, charity The Mighty Creatives are working hard to encourage young people to get creative after receiving a Young People’s grant from Big Lottery Fund in 2009 for their Journals project.

“We want to help young people become citizen journalists in the years leading up to the Games,” says AD Durnin, Journals project manager. “We’re not only going to get those feelings, thoughts and experiences and produce them in various media – including films, podcasts and photo montages – but they’re also going to be archived at the end of the project by the local records office in the region, so people can look back on them in 10, 50 or 100 years’ time.

“Journals helps them to see that they have just as much right and ability as mainstream media to go and ask questions, find out what’s going on and articulate that back to the audience. For some it’s a real eye-opener.”

See what you think with this film made by young people involved in the project.

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