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What did you dream of when you were young?

21 January 2011

We probably all remember when we were young and knew what we wanted to be when we “grew up”. A fireman, an astronaut, a nurse or quite randomly a pirate in my case.

I went along to the official opening of The Place2Be at Walter Halls Primary School in Nottingham. Children from the school had marked the occasion by wrapping a paperchain around the building, made from their hopes and dreams for the future.

Each child in the school had one link in the chain and had some time to think about their own personal dreams. They then recorded them with a short sentence or a picture.

I met Jody, a pupil at the school who told me “We had to write our hopes and dreams on the paper and wrapped it around The Place2Be. I then got to cut it to set our dreams free. My dream was to make the world an eco-friendly place with no pollution.” Rather different from wanting to be a pirate!

The project is the result of a £159,000 Reaching Communities grant which gave the school its own therapy centre to support pupils who are anxious and unhappy and who would benefit from additional emotional support.

Pete Strauss, Headteacher at the school, summed up why the paper chain connected with the project by telling me: “The Place2Be is about tackling difficulties in the children’s lives now, so they don’t interfere with their aspirations in the future.”

Find out more about the Reaching Communities programme and if you are eligible to apply for funding

by Andrew Regan –  Regional Outreach Manager, East Midlands

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