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New Media powered People Powered Change

30 March 2011

Friday 25 March 2011 saw us launch our People Powered Change initiative. You can find more about People Powered Change here but we wanted to share some information about how we covered the event online.

In an age where communicating with our customers is increasingly multi-platform as well as multimedia, we had a lot of bases to cover.

The challenge was to provide videos, podcasts, photos, tweets and text in real time, giving key details to our audiences and providing them with the opportunity to interact with us and share their thoughts as well.

First things first though. We created a website for the event and People Powered Change in general. Our fantastic developer, Greg, built in a Twitter feed, a Flickr photostream, a YouTube feed from our channel  and linked it up with coverage we’d secured with The Guardian – best of all, the site was developed in WordPress, a freely available tool for all to use. With the other free resources we utilised this meant we could keep digital costs to an absolute minimum.

With the infrastructure in place we were able to focus on content on the day. Due to the hard work of our dedicated content creators, Irfan and Steve, along with their talented colleagues from our regional teams, Janet and Sue, we were able to shoot vox pops before and during the event. These were speedily edited and compiled to form the excellent videos you can see here

As well as the vox pops, more footage was taken capturing the thoughts of some of the many delegates at the event on People Powered Change. This footage was used to create a video summary of the day to be used in closing the event.
Podcasting has also played an important part in the day. Audio was recorded with some of our key partners in People Powered Change, from The Young Foundation, NESTA, UnLtd  and Your Square Mile   These were quickly edited and sent over to The Guardian for their online coverage.

Although the day was very pressurised and fast-paced, the team found the experience of co-ordinating the many different platforms and different media a creative and exciting one. The members of the New Media team even wore matching pink ties (on brand, of course) to fit in with the general ambience, as you can see from the photo.

Irfan, Greg and Steve from our New Media team at the event

Irfan, Greg and Steve from our New Media team at the event

 Do you have any experiences of covering a similar event online? How did you approach this and do you have any ideas or suggestions to share?

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