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The People’s Millions – what does it take to succeed?

28 June 2011

Now that voting is underway for The People’s Millions and Jubilee People’s Millions, it’s a good time to reflect on what it takes to be successful. One of our previous winners, St Peter’s Primary in Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, were “gobsmacked” at their achievement when they were finally awarded £50,000 after the voting closed. Yet the school only has 90 pupils.

So how did they do it? Well, apparently the key ingredients to their success were: split-second timing, meticulous organisation and tireless campaigning.

Headmaster Pearse O’Kane, says he employed the simple – but effective – principle of pyramid selling to kick start the campaign.

“What makes it even more amazing is the fact we started with a core of just 20 people who pledged their votes,” he says. “They then each enlisted 20 more – and so on and so on – it was that simple… to begin with anyway.”

Next, he enlisted the help of the local bus drivers. “We even got permission from Translink for drivers to call out the voting line number to remind passengers to phone in!” says Mr Kane.

Finally, the St Peter’s campaigners took to the streets of towns and villages within a 20-mile radius of Plumbridge (armed with flyers) for nine hours on the day of the vote. The result? Thousands of votes that enabled them to bag one of the UK’s biggest ever People’s Millions polls.

Have you backed a project and are you ready to vote this week? Take a look at the website and find out what’s happening in your local region. And don’t forget to watch your ITV regional evening news from 6pm every night this week for more information on the polls.

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