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“We’re part of something BIG!” Young people get involved in developing new investment

9 March 2012

Blog post by Reanna Vernon, 21

What’s that?” I hear you ask… well, for the next two months, 20 young people from across England will be working with BIG to decide the priority areas for its new investment in young people.

I’m one of these young people. And when I say we’re part of something BIG I mean it… think a multi-million pound investment that will benefit young people from across the country – and young people are at the heart of designing it.

The team of young people working with BIG to develop the investment

The team of young people working with BIG to develop the investment

How it works is very simple and very exciting. We are all aged 16-24 and have met twice before at BIG’s HQ in London. We have all been given special roles and split into two teams:

The Design Team, who are looking at current issues to advise BIG on what they should invest in. They will meet again at BIG HQ on Saturday 10th March to look at a range of evidence – including the views of young people – to find out what issues young people today face.

The Critical Friends Team, who will support the design of this investment in many ways, from questioning the impact of decisions made by the Design Team to keeping you, the public, informed about what’s happening!

Hear what some of the team think about the biggest issues facing young people at the moment, and find out why they got involved:

View a transcript

I have created this blog as the team thinks it is important to share our work and collect as many views as possible. It is the first of many, which will update you on the goings-on of the Design team, ask for feedback from you about a range of issues, help build networks and relationships and really make sure that this BIG investment meets young peoples’ needs!

As a team we want to hear from all young people about the issues that affect them, and what should be done about them. So keep in touch by liking our Facebook page, following #BIGyp on Twitter and following the BIG Blog.

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