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Schoolchildren learn lessons from Anne Frank

14 May 2012

Inviting holocaust survivors to speak to schoolchildren about their terrifying childhood experiences is just one of the ways a London-based programme seeks to challenge prejudice and prevent or combat hate and race-related offending.

Anne Frank Young Ambassadors taking part in letters project

Anne Frank Young Ambassadors taking part in letters project

Other activities from The Anne Frank Trust Schools and Young Ambassadors Programme, currently delivered in London boroughs with high levels of community tension, include diversity and human rights workshops and training schoolchildren to be ‘Young Ambassadors’ to lead areas of the programme to other schools.

This enables the young people to develop social, communication and leadership skills.

The Anne Frank Trust has received £756,478 from the Big Lottery Fund’s Realising Ambition programme to allow the programme to replicate in cities and towns in England and Scotland, such as Leeds and Glasgow.

Hear from some of the ‘Young Ambassadors’ and Mukith Khalisadar, Senior Project Officer for the Anne Frank Trust in this podcast.



The Trust has seen a 32% improvement in social, emotional and discipline indicators among Ambassadors and teachers surveyed at the beginning and completion of the training. Communication skills increased by 36%, self motivation by 50% and confidence by 34%. Knowledge and understanding on Anne Frank, the Holocaust and issues of stereotyping, prejudice and identity today increased over two-fold.

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