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Jubilee jubilation – The Hub, Lyme Regis

1 June 2012

The Hub, Lyme Regis won The Jubilee People’s Millions public vote last summer. With the funding going towards a new roof and improved access, including a lift and 2 stair lifts. The first event after completion of the renovation works took place at the end of March where the young people’s music group, B Sharp put on a dazzling show.

B Sharp is a group of about 25 young people who get together, write songs and learn how to improve their singing skills. This show was a great test event to see how the acoustics worked in the venue.

In rehearsal it was clear there needed to be some sound dampening, so sails were hung from the ceiling to stop the sound echoing around. They worked quite well but  more thought and experimentation needs to happen to make The Hub a really good performance venue.

Around 100 friends and family members of B Sharp and The Hub were invited to come and see the performance and check out the new venue. This made it a very cozy and supportive atmosphere.

In addition to young singers, Vikki Mills recorded the sound who is just about to finish a degree in Music Technology at Herts Uni, ‘I am very keen to break into the live music industry along with recording live events. I thought that helping document the first show at The Hub with B Sharp was a great idea as it provides a nice memory to look back on. It also provided me with a good experience in recording an event in which the acoustics would be challenging and the fact that there was no pressure, so it was a great way to start getting real life experience as well as helping others in the process.”

The Hub is looking forward to working closely with B Sharp, contributing to the exciting programme of activities being developed for young people at The Hub all made possible through The Jubilee People’s Millions funding.

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