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What will you bring to the table?

21 March 2013

The Big Lunch is a one-day get-together for neighbours – a Big Lottery Fund-supported idea from the Eden Project, encouraging people across the UK to gather for a few hours of food, friendship and fun. Millions of people have been involved since it started back in 2009. In this short guest blog, The Big Lunch’s Camilla Baker explains how you can take part too.

The Big Lunch aims to create stronger, friendlier communities in which people start to share things, from conversation and ideas to skills and resources.

Our recent research has shown that more than half of those surveyed don’t know their neighbours. However, it also showed that the majority of people would like there to be more community spirit in their area, with the main reasons being that they’d make new friends, feel safer and have people to look out for their homes and pets when they go away.

Father holding child

The Big Lunch offers something for all ages

Our founder, Sir Tim Smit, has said: “If you get to know your neighbours, not only does it create a happier, safer environment to live in, but you will probably find they are happy to help you out with your pets or water your plants when you go on holiday. You never know, you might even end up with a new best friend, simply from knocking on your neighbour’s door to say hello.”

You can read more about our ‘Knocking on Doors’ research by visiting the Big Lunch website.

Big Lunches can be big or small and take place in the street, back garden, park or local community venue – anywhere where neighbours get together. Since starting in 2009, thousands of events have taken place each year, with a staggering 8.5 million people participating in 2012.

Free Big Lunch packs are now available from our website – full of information, hints, tips and resources to help you get started. Just visit or call 0845 850 8181. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, take a look at our Big Lunch film at the top of the blog and get planning today!

Camilla Baker is Marketing and Events Officer at the Big Lunch

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