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A week to celebrate a decade of improvements

7 August 2013

Over the last ten years, disadvantaged areas of the UK that previously missed out on Lottery funding have seen their fortunes reversed with £50 million worth of funds. In this short guest blog, Bia Carneiro speaks of some of the impressive results from a decade of work by Fair Share Trust in communities across the country.

The Fair Share Trust, managed by the UK Community Foundations (UKCF), has distributed Big Lottery Fund money to thousands of projects that have helped communities and individuals to increase their skills and opportunities, improve the appearance of community spaces, and help people generally feel happier where they live.

Bia Carneiro

Bia Carneiro

A decade of working closely with over 80 communities across the UK is already enough of a reason to celebrate. Our local delivery partners have worked with more than 800 community volunteers through the local panels, involving local people in decision-making and ensuring the funding was spent on what communities wanted.

As a result, over 1,100 projects have been funded, benefiting more than 300,000 people. What’s more, many of these projects and organisations are set to continue well into the future with a renewed sense of direction, hundreds of new staff and volunteers and an additional £25 million leveraged in from other funding sources.

Beyond the numbers, end of programme evaluations show that Fair Share Trust has had a positive impact in the areas it has served. People have gained new skills and broadened their aspirations for themselves and their communities while physical environments have improved and individuals feel better about where they live.

Community groups, charitable companies and social enterprises have all been developed and many people in the areas have more positive experiences in relation to their health, wellbeing, family and social life. Agency, community and individual networks have improved and in addition, local FST-delivery partners and organisations in the community have increased in capacity and are better able to secure funding, network and support projects.

With so much to shout about, this week UKCF and the Big Lottery Fund have been telling their Fair Share Trust stories. Visit our blog for special features, films and more information about the programme, or follow #FSTweek on Twitter and Facebook to get involved in the conversation.

Bia Carneiro is Research & Learning Manager for Fair Share Trust, UK Community Foundations

What do you think about Bia’s guest blog? Has your local community benefited from the work of Fair Share Trust? Leave a comment below or join the #FSTWeek conversation on Twitter.

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  1. 7 August 2013 1:04 pm

    Reblogged this on The Fair Share Trust blog and commented:
    In this short guest blog for Big Lottery FUnd, we look at some of the impressive results from a decade of work by Fair Share Trust in communities across the country.

  2. diane humphries permalink
    8 August 2013 3:57 pm

    Fair Share made a real difference in the community of West Howe. There are lots of people who now have the confidence, skills and know how to get involved in creating positive change in the area. There is also a lot more to get involved with, whether that is through joining the many active community groups in the area, or going along to a local event of which there are now a lot more of than before. There are lots of positive role models who inspire and now help others to achieve their dreams in life. Communication between individuals, groups and perceptions of the area have all changed for the better. This all takes a very long time to achieve and it doesn’t happen overnight so i believe that the longer term funding fair share gave was crucial to it’s success. Shorter funding seems to end just as you are building up momentum and engagement. There are still concerns and worries but mainly, I myself feel more positive about the future long term. The local enterprise (volunteer led) know things still need to be done but we have more determination and confidence and know that we are making and can continue to make a real difference in our community.

    • Big Lottery Fund permalink*
      9 August 2013 7:59 am

      Hi Diane,

      Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. It’s great to hear that funding from Fair Share Trust has had such a positive impact on your community.


  1. A week to celebrate a decade of improvements | The Fair Share Trust blog

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