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Meet the England Big Advice Team

1 April 2014

Ever wondered who is on the end of that phone when you ring Big Lottery Fund? Just who is it sending you that reply to your email? When you contact us through our live chat feature, is that really a person typing back to you?

Big Lottery Fund


Well, if you call our switchboard or helpline number, send an email to our enquiries inbox or connect via webchat, you will get through to one of the helpful, happy and very much human members of the England Big Advice team.

Based in Newcastle, we are a team of ten funding officers that combine a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from working across our funding programmes. We offer pre-application information and advice to people and organisations thinking about applying for funding. We want to make sure that people understand what they need to do before they apply and don’t waste their time filling in applications that are not suitable for their projects.

We deal with around 300 calls, 40 emails and an increasing number of webchats each day and get asked lots of interesting questions, from where to find an application form to how to make an application stronger.

Big Advice photo

When should you contact the Big Advice team?

The first port of call for anyone interested in finding funding is our website. The website contains information on all of the different funding options available including detailed guidance notes and access to application forms.

If the guidance on the website doesn’t answer your questions or you are not sure what to do then please email us, use webchat or give us a call.

We can identify if you are eligible to apply, point you to the most suitable funding option and answer specific questions about our programmes. Whether you have an application form ready to go, or want to know if your good idea is something that lottery funding will support, the team can provide feedback on how ‘application ready’ you are, once you have reviewed our guidance and have a project idea in mind.

The Big Advice team are available on email, on webchat and via our helpline number 0845 4 10 20 30 from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

What if Big Advice can’t answer my question?

Then we will know someone who can! We can get back to you with a speedy response, or put you in touch with an expert in another team. For advice on other funding available in your area, it may be worthwhile speaking to a local funding advisor or support agency. Details of a local contact can be found at the NAVCA website at its member’s directory page

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