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Could you be a local partner delivering basic online skills?

10 April 2014

Last October we launched the UK-wide programme Basic Online Skills. We invited applications from lead organisations who felt they could improve the basic online skills of people who rarely or never use the internet.
The first stage of the application process has now closed; we were hugely impressed at the range and quality of the applications we received.

Older women use computer

Around 7.4m people in the UK have never used a computer or the internet

Of the 33 who submitted applications, seven have been invited to develop their proposals further. They have been asked to consider the local needs of people not engaging with the internet and this is where local support could come in.

If you are an organisation interested in becoming a local delivery partner please follow this link to find out more on the Big Lottery Fund website. Each of the seven lead applicants have produced a one-page strategy document that outlines their project and they urge you to contact them directly to find out more; contact details are included in each of the strategy documents.

The people we will help with this funding are currently without basic online skills; they might not have the ability to safely interact online and evaluate websites they can trust, they might lack the confidence to apply for a job online or send and receive emails to keep up with loved ones.

Some of the proposals are targeting specific groups such as older people, social housing tenants, people with sensory loss, the homeless and families with disabled children. Do you have experience with these groups?

Please follow the link to find out more and for the opportunity to be part of a UK-wide movement to get more people connected to the internet and each other.

Why are we investing in this programme?

The Big Lottery Fund is a founding member of  Go ON UK, with whom we are developing this programme to encourage and support more people to use computers and the internet.

Nearly one in five (9.8 million) adults in the UK don’t have the basic online skills to fully benefit from the internet, and around 6.7 million have never used a computer or the internet at all. This means that some of the most vulnerable people in society are missing out on the many benefits of the digital world.

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  1. 11 April 2014 9:31 pm

    This is totally excellent. We’ve been running an IT Club on our local authority run sheltered housing scheme for nearly 2 years and it’s making a big difference.

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