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Putting The Spotlight on the best of young UK talent with somewhereto_

7 May 2014

In this guest blog Dwain Lucktung, senior content and community manager at somewhereto_ tells us about launching their YouTube channel

somewhereto_ Spotlight

somewhereto_ is a UK-wide service that helps young people access space for free to make their ideas come to life. But how would this translate to YouTube?

With target audience in mind we partook in rigorous research into online behaviours and user journeys, whilst building a new content strategy around our own unique selling points and the power and reach of YouTube; the platform itself on board as a media partner, helping us understand the medium more, the growing influence of online personalities, the power of SEO, content segmentation and episodic content that capture the attention and retention of so many millions of young people today.

In 2014 we launched ‘The Spotlight’, our new YouTube channel that supports the best of emerging British talent, putting ‘the spotlight’ on these amazing young people doing amazing things, in amazing spaces.

The impact of somewhereto_ and spaces are ever part of the DNA within The Spotlight, which has been born to entertain, inspire and engage the YouTube masses by showing young people (via weekly films released every Friday) what their peers can do when given the space to make it happen.

channel-banner FINAL

On The Spotlight you’ll find our headline ‘The Spotlight’ strand which showcases entrepreneurs and performers; from football freestyler Ash Randall and his ‘mission’ across CardiffRaqhib Islam who is changing lives with his ‘upcycling’ business in London. All inspirational, exciting short stories, all facilitated by somewhereto_ and free spaces.

Our Making of sub strand delves in to the journey of each talent, behind the scenes of The Spotlight including how somewhereto_ is helping along the way. Here you can find out what it takes to run a business or be a contemporary dancer.

Our How To strand provides top tips on identifying a market and how to get funding to how to break dance. We’ll have pointers for every young person as we simultaneously develop the new learning area of the somewhereto_ website.

Finally, for more amazing young people doing amazing (and sometimes unbelievable) things, viewers are treated to a weekly dose of Yara Shaikh and Spotlight News. Here you can watch young wakeboarders taking over a flooded car park, and the odd take of Yara taking on Ed Sheeran in a marshmallow eating challenge (unbelievable…).

Spotlight News Murad Osman thumbnail

What next? Like its viewers, The Spotlight will continuously evolve and develop, so stay tuned, keep watching, like, comment, subscribe, support, enjoy!

somewhereto_ received a £7m grant from the Big Lottery Fund to support it’s UK-wide expansion to 2016. somewhereto_ is also funded by Nesta who awarded somewhereto_ £50,000 from their Innovation into Giving Fund, enabling somewhereto_ to enhance its online user experience and streamline its digital offer. somewhereto_ is in partnership with YouTube and run by youth engagement agency Livity.


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