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My involvement with Ageing Better

8 September 2014

Christine Squires has spent over 10 years volunteering with disability organisations in Gateshead, helping people fight for the services they are entitled to. She used her experiences as agingbetter-blog1-squarean advocate in helping Big Lottery Fund to develop its Ageing Better investment


I lost my mum to cancer nearly six years ago; she was my only family. When I returned to the home we shared knowing she would never come back, I felt all alone for the first time in my life. I had two options, either to continue with my voluntary work or isolate myself by staying in away from people. I decided to help others who feel lonely and isolated.
I am a wheelchair user, so, after my mum died, I was fortunate enough to get an assistance dog called Kina through Dogs for the Disabled. Kina picks things up for me, empties my washing machine, opens and closes doors, takes off my shoes and socks and brings me my post when it drops through the letterbox. Kina is very, very special to me and with him around I never feel alone – he is my best buddy.

When I am out walking my dog I come across many older people who live on their own. It costs nothing to stop and say hello or share a smile with them. It’s the small things that can make a huge difference to someone’s day.
It was a great privilege to be part of the team of 14 older people that helped develop the Big Lottery Fund’s Ageing Better investment by contributing our knowledge of the challenges older people face. I was involved in discussing ideas about social isolation and how people could be more involved within their communities.

I was on the interviewing panel to select the contractors that will support the funded areas and was also involved in the meetings to choose the 15 areas where the investment will happen. My involvement with Ageing Better over the last three years has made me feel more confident in my own skills, knowledge and abilities.

The funded areas now need to reach out and find the many older people who feel lonely and isolated. I believe this funding will mean that fewer older people will feel isolated and feel more connected to their communities.
Ageing Better is funding 15 projects across England to tackle social isolation among older people.

Find out more about the projects being funded today

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