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Nice one, Ron

9 September 2014

Age UK volunteer Ron Coppins was one of the older people who was involved in developing the Ageing Better initiative. Now 78, Ron is living proof that old age can be fun.age-better-blog3-square

Retired Senior Manager Ron from Hammersmith West London was one of the original members of the design group who helped to develop the Ageing Better initiative.  The group was a diverse group of older people recruited to provide input into the programme design, they were people who were active.

Ron holding his award

Ron Coppins, Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

“I’m still involved with Age UK, I am down the centre almost every day. I get involved in everything from doing the Bingo sessions to helping out in the kitchen and just chatting to people.  Most recently we have been working with primary school children and that keeps me young, I teach them card tricks!”

Before Ron joined age UK he was at a bit of a loss, he had looked after his ageing parents all his life and when they died he was in the wilderness for months, however one day he went along to his local town hall and by chance met with someone from Age UK he became a volunteer there which led him to become involved with the Ageing Better programme.

“If it hadn’t been for my involvement with the Big Lottery Fund none of this would have happened and I am a better man for it. I really miss the friends and fun that we had during all those meetings. I still get asked to show the film that I made to local schools, churches and clubs. I was honoured by the local borough last month by being voted as the Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. I know that what I learnt by being part of the Big Lottery Fund project helped me to be a better person and contributed to me getting this award”

“I feel as though I’ve achieved something and I’m proud of that.”

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