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Reducing reoffending… what we’ve learnt from you

30 March 2015
Abigail Ryan

Abigail Ryan

Just before Christmas, Carolyn Sawers shared some of her reflections about reducing reoffending in her blog and asked you to share your ideas and experiences with us. In this blog Abigail Ryan takes a look at those findings…

First of all, thank you to everyone who has shared thoughts and views with us. I’ve had a good look at these and we are using your responses to help build up our knowledge here at the Fund. We also want to make sure that the information is accessible to everybody too, so here goes…

Here’s a quick overview of some of the main themes:


I’ve also put together a summary of what you told us here. There are lots of insightful thoughts in there, so well worth a read.

You can take a look at the other sources for further information that people shared with us too.

Finally, in line with our commitment to opening up more of our data, you can see an anonymised copy of the full responses we received and also a list of grants that we have made in this field on our website. Some projects listed will be more relevant than others – we have simply searched the term ‘offend’ to capture as much potentially relevant data as possible from our grant management system. We hope this allows you to explore the data as you wish.

What do you think of all of this? What bits are useful to you?

Please let us know what information you like receiving, how you use it or anything else you’d like to share by continuing the conversation on the Offending and Rehabilitation discussion forum on our new Digital Community.

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