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Understanding domestic abuse… can you help?

5 May 2015

In this blog knowledge manager Sarah Cheshire invites you to help us better understand how to support those affected by domestic abuse across the UK.

Addressing domestic abuse is an area that the Big Lottery Fund has supported through a number of our funding programmes. These range from our open funding programmes such as Reaching Communities in England, which helps people and communities most in need, to specific, targeted funding like Becoming a Survivor in Scotland, which directly supports people affected by domestic abuse and survivors of domestic abuse to move on with their lives.

We want to:Woman looking into horizon

  • explore the difference our funding has made
  • learn from the projects we have funded and;
  • understand what works in supporting those affected by domestic abuse and how it can be prevented.

We have asked researchers at Cordis Bright to help us do this.

We would like to hear from you if you are working in this or any related field and feel you have something to contribute to this research.

There are three questions that we would like you to answer:

  1. Please tell us about your project if it touches the lives of people involved in domestic abuse and you have received a grant from us.
  1. We are interested to understand the range of measures that different projects may be taking. Please tell us if you are using a particular outcome framework or measure to show the impact of your work in relation to domestic abuse.
  1. In your experience what are the most important factors in successfully supporting those who are affected by domestic abuse.

You can answer these questions by completing this quick survey or by emailing

Thank you in advance for your help with our research.

If you would like to find out more about our research visit

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