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Share Something Brilliant

26 May 2015

Today marks the start of Do Something Brilliant Week. In this blog, Alexander Kann, Director of Community Channel and Audiences, explains more about the campaign and how you can get involved.

Do Something Brilliant is Community Channel’s flagship campaign, funded by BigBrilliant-Logo-NHT Lottery Fund, that encourages people to do the small but important things that make a big difference to their communities.

Do Something Brilliant reached over 25 million people through its launch campaign and has inspired people to do thousands of brilliant things. It has supported 2,000 charities and community groups to raise their profile, reach new audiences and inspire positive social action.

This year the theme of Do Something Brilliant Week is ‘sharing’, which could be anything from taking part in local groups to sharing innovative things to do on social media.

Media partners supporting the Week are drawn from Media Trust’s 30 corporate members including leading broadcasters, newspaper groups, digital publishers, social media platforms and advertisers. The campaign will feature a new TV promo, which will be broadcast by several channels and published online along with print adverts, press and social media.

Alongside this is a week of original programming, including the five-part series This Is Brilliant, showcasing the best stories from over 40 episodes of the Community Channel’s Brilliant TV series. Over 11.5 million people watched the Channel in the last year and we know this inspired 40% of our viewers do more in their community.

We are also running the Share #SomethingBrilliant competition for people to nominate someone who inspires them and helps their community. The winner and their nominator will each win an iPad and the winner will be filmed to tell their story in a My Brilliant Moment on Community Channel. If you’d like to nominate someone, all entries need to be submitted on by 5 June.

All around us there are stories waiting to be told and shared – stories celebrating the people doing things for their neighbours or community but are never recognised. This campaign engages people to do something for the good of themselves and their communities, and share it to celebrate what makes the UK brilliant for us all.

We hope Do Something Brilliant Week will be a great way to kick off a summer of exciting things you can do in your community.

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