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How to pull off a Big Lunch in just 7 hours!

2 June 2015

The Big Lunch takes place this Sunday (7 June). If you haven’t planned yours yet, don’t panic because it really is possible to plan one in just 7 hours. Don’t believe us? Then read on…

how-to-pull-off-a-BL-in-7hrs7 hours to go

Don’t worry about closing off your road, instead host your Big Lunch in your back garden, park or a neighbour’s garden.

6 hours to go

Speak to your neighbours as soon as possible and see what they think of the idea. Are they enthused by the thought and would they be available to attend? If they are happy to come, ask for their names and jot down their house or flat number so you have an idea of how many people are coming.

5 hours to go

If your neighbours are onboard, start to ask them what they might be able to bring along to the event. Can they lend some furniture for people to sit on? Do they have a fun game? – get neighbours to write down what they will bring so you can send a reminder note through doors to ask people to bring along what they’ve promised to.

4 hours to go

A Big Lunch needs food! Firstly, find a table – you can use one from your house or a neighbours and join them together to make a long one for everyone to sit round. Get creative, ironing boards make great impromptu side/serving tables!How-to-pull-off-a-BL-in-7hrs-2

Secondly, the grub! At this stage, it doesn’t matter too much if you have more of one thing than the other, just ask everyone who is attending if they could give a rough idea of what sort of thing they are bringing; a main, a salad, a dessert, or drinks. It will give you an idea of what to expect on the table!

3 hours to go

Spruce up the venue a little! Do you have any flowers in your garden you could pick? Add them to a glass and place on the table as a summery centre piece. Or how about a colourful table cloth you have lying around? That would work wonderfully to add that street party feel.

2 hours to go

Cut out square pieces of paper and write an attendee’s name on to each one. Add a little sellotape (double-sided) to each piece of paper and hand out to guests as they come along. This way it will be easy to know everyone’s name and mingle!

1 hour to go

Put a sign at the entrance of your Big Lunch venue so everyone knows where your event is being hosted. Remember to add a  little note saying ‘Welcome residents of _____Road!’ so everyone feels a little loved! Lastly, put on your most summery frock or shirt and get ready to enjoy a day with your neighbours!

Find lots more ideas to make your Big Lunch go with a bang by visiting the Big Lunch website.

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