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Completing your application to the highest standard

23 June 2015

In a new series of funding advice blogs, our funding officer Richard McMullen has all the top tips you need to complete your application to the highest standard.

Read the guidance notes
Once you have identified the programme you want to apply to, it’s essential to read all the relevant guidance provided. Don’t let your enthusiasm or haste lead you to begin the form without reading the criteria carefully. This will give your project the best chance of being funded.

START360_-_Cool_Choices_Launch_(2)Demonstrate why the project is needed
Showing why a project is wanted is useful, as we need to know there is a demand for what you are planning. But we also want to know why a project is needed, what issues the project will help address and how you know this.

The best applications provide a range of evidence as to why the project is needed. This can include things like statistics, feedback from people who will use the project and proof your project fills a gap that current services can’t meet.

Be clear about what you are going to do
Although it’s helpful to summarise what your group does at the start of your application, most of the form should describe what you will actually spend this specific grant on, why you want to do this, and what impact this will have. You need to provide this information in as clear and concise a manner as possible.

Avoid jargon or buzzwords
The clearer your application is, the easier it is for us to understand it and make a fully informed decision. Why tell us you are ‘fostering real-time engagement using publicly accessible nodes’ when we’d be happy just knowing you are running open days at your community centre? Clarity is key.

Make sure you answer all the questions
It may seem obvious but we still receive lots of applications that are incomplete. If your application has information missing it can’t be assessed. It takes us longer to process these applications, as we have to get in touch to request the missing information before we can begin. Check you’ve filled in all relevant questions or fields before you send it in. Why not get someone else to check your form before you submit?

For more guidance on applying to the Big Lottery Fund, visit our website.

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