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Understanding outcomes

28 July 2015

Have you ever wanted to apply to one of our funding programmes, but feel unsure or confused about what we mean by ‘outcomes’ and how your project could achieve them?

In our latest application advice blog, Laura Pears from our Big Advice team hopes to make outcomes a lot clearer and help you understand how they fit into the overall objectives of your project to improve your chances of getting funding.  

What are outcomes?Newmains-Community-Trust-(5)

Outcomes are the result of what you do and the changes your project can make over time to address the needs you have identified.

They are best described using change words, such as ‘reduced’, ‘increased’ and ‘improved’. In some cases, outcomes may involve keeping a situation stable or stopping it from getting worse. Think about goals, aims, results and reasons why.

Outcomes should answer the following questions:

  • What is the change you intend to make?
  • Who will it benefit?
  • How will it benefit people (what will they gain or have achieved by the end of your project)?

Have a look at these examples:

Table with examples of outcomes

We run weekly webinars to provide more guidance and support around outcomes; please visit:

For guidance on applying to the Big Lottery Fund visit our website here:

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