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Eating positively to stay well

7 September 2015
Just some of the delicious and nutritious food whipped up at The Food Chain every day

Just some of the delicious, nutritious food whipped up at The Food Chain.

The Food Chain is a charity that ensures people living with HIV in London get the nutrition they need to get well and stay well…

In every series of MasterChef, the budding chefs find themselves whipping up meals for a host of hungry mouths. Looks pretty nerve-wracking and exhausting doesn’t it? Well some of the volunteers at one of our funded projects, The Food Chain, do this on a weekly basis.

The charity exists to ensure that people living with HIV in London get the nutrition they need to stay healthy. Big Lottery funding goes towards their Eating Positively project which is an interactive cooking programme that helps people better manage their diets and equip them with the cookery know-how to make nutritious meals.

The programme, taught by the organisation’s dietitians, invites people living with HIV to come along and get involved in hands-on classes where they prepare and cook an entire menu, and in the process they are given the chance to broaden their knowledge of nutrition and learn new cooking skills to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The classes are free and suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced cooks.

So what happens to all this food? The organisation also runs the Eating Together scheme which invites those living with HIV to come along and eat some of the nourishing food and have a chat with others in a similar situation.

Ben Ashmore, Senior Campaigns Manager at the Big Lottery Fund, recently went along to volunteer at the project for an afternoon. He commented: “It was great to see firsthand the huge boost that the Food Chain provides to people with HIV in the form of confidence and well-being. The support they offer, not just in the form of nutritious food but as a place to meet and chat to others in a similar situation is invaluable. The Food Chain’s playing a really important role in combating the stigma and discrimination related to HIV infection which can all too often lead to isolation.”

You can find out more information about volunteering for The Food Chain here.

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