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Are you ready to apply for a grant?

9 November 2015
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You want to set up a project that will improve the lives of your local community and you think a grant from the Big Lottery Fund could help you to do it.

But did you know, that, like other funders, we cannot give grants to individuals, no matter how worthy they might be.

To be eligible to apply for money from us, our very first requirement is that you are a UK-based organisation with a bank account in the name of the organisation.

You need to be a not-for-profit organisation but you do not need to be a registered charity to fill in a Big Lottery Fund application. To apply to us you will need:

Is your group ready to apply?

  1. A governing document, such as a constitution
    This document must set out the name and purpose of your organisation. It should also cover how it will work, including how people can join; how your committee will operate and when you will have meetings.
  1. A committee or board with at least three members who are not related to each other or living at the same address.
  1. A bank account in your organisation’s name (as written on the constitution)At least two of the unrelated committee members are required to approve the withdrawal or spending of money from the account.
  1. Annual financial accounts
    These should clearly state the name of your organisation (again, as on the constitution). They also must show the start and end dates for the 12-month period they cover (for example ,1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016) .

They don’t need to be produced by a professional, or audited by accountants, but they will need to be signed as accurate by at least two members of your committee. If your organisation is still in its first 12 months, we may ask for a projection instead, listing any expected spending or income (including any funding you are applying for) over the next year.

I am not sure how to set up an organisation. Where can I get help?

Getting your organisation set up can be tricky, but the good news is there is a wealth of information to help you navigate the journey.

A great place to start is the KnowHow NonProfit Set up a charity page or the Gov.UK Set up a charity page. They provide a step-by-step guide on setting up a new group or organisation, and some useful additional support.

Right, we have got all that in place. What next?

If you would like to talk about which grants you could apply for, contact our advice team. They are always happy to have a chat and point you in the right direction.

To find other funders, also check out the Lottery Good Causes Funding Finder @

Lastly, good luck!


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