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A multicultural Big Moment for March

10 December 2015

Today, as part of our look at the Big Moments this year, we visit Carmarthenshire in Wales to see how communities have celebrated their myriad cultures in 2015 with the help of our funding.

Back in March we awarded over £130,000 across 36 projects in Wales. One of these projects was the Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust. The Penboyr based project’s aim is to create a self sufficient environment in basic foods, fuel, water energy and the recycling of waste.

Carmarthenshire-Association-of-Voluntary-Services---Llanelli-Multicutural-Event-6Throughout the year, the Farm Trust runs courses, activities and events to bring the local communities together and learn more about diversity and wildlife. They’ve used their funding for their Blas y Byd projects to host events which encourage children to understand other cultures, traditions and global environment issues.

Looking back on 2015, Michelle Lainé, from the Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust, told us about their Big Moment:

“One of the many memorable moments of the Blas y Byd project was when the sights, sounds and culture of West Africa landed in a small town in West Wales, courtesy of Ballet Nimba. The sight of 40 adults and children dancing energetic‎ African dance to the pulsing rhythm of live African drumming is not to be forgotten!

The connections created between our community and the wider‎ world has been one of the major benefits of the Blas y Byd project, as well as the chance to try out new activities and skills. We are looking forward to creating more such connections in the future.”

Michelle and her team closed out the year with another Big Moment in the form of their Christmas around the World event. Now over to you, using our hashtag #BigMoment let us know on Twitter and Facebook what yours has been.

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