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“I can’t say thank you enough”

26 January 2016

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, Muriel didn’t have much to smile about. She barely left the house and didn’t have anyone to talk to. Thanks to Friendship at Home, a vital befriending and support service for older people in East Lincolnshire, Muriel has a new lease of life. We’ve been speaking to Muriel about the impact Friendship at Home and its volunteers have had on her life as part of our look at volunteering this month.

Muriel Keningdale, 79 years young from Grimsby


Muriel (left) with her friend Clarice who met at Friendship at Home.

When and how did you get involved with Friendship at Home?
“The Red Cross told me about Friendship at Home because I needed help around the house. That was about a year ago now.”

Who visits you and what kind of things do you do?
“Toni visits me once a fortnight to vacuum and mop the floors, but for me, it’s so much more than that. I look forward to Toni coming because I like the company. She helps me in any way she can and we talk about everything. I can’t say thank you enough, it makes such a big difference to me.”

What activities do you get involved with?
“Since Toni started visiting me, she told me about the Thursday social club and encouraged me to try it. She arranged for a volunteer to give me a lift as transport was an issue for me. I love going now and try to go every week.”

What difference has the service made to your life?
“It’s wonderful! Before it, I didn’t go out anywhere. Now I go to the club, talk to people and have a really good time.”

Friendship at Home is looking for more #BigVolunteer s. To find out more about this volunteering opportunity* and many others across the UK visit our #BigVolunteer map.

* Friendship at Home is listed until ‘All items’. Click on their name to find their location, advert and contact details.

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