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Mentoring girls to reach their full potential

27 October 2016

The Girls’ Network matches girls between 14 – 19 years old from the least advantaged communities with professional mentors from all walks of life.

To celebrate National Mentoring Day, they have shared Julie’s story with us.

ko0hcrzJulie* was suffering from depression and anxiety just before her GCSE exams. She was at risk of being expelled from school due to poor attendance, and had missed almost all of the deadlines for college applications, too. The school had effectively ‘given up’ on her, and her mother didn’t know what to do.

Her mentor met with her, and quickly recognized the symptoms of anxiety. Working alongside her mother, she pulled together a plan of action to help Julie get back on track.

As well as regular contact, Julie’s mentor also helped arrange counselling sessions to support with anxiety, and took Julie to a workshop run by the Maudsley Hospital for young people with anxiety.

Julie is now attending school more regularly and has made really good progress with English coursework, earning her target grade of B- in English Literature. Her mentor arranged for a tutor, who had also suffered from anxiety and depression, to work with her. Julie is now also applying for a Health & Social course at City & Islington College and is organising work experience through a family friend at a hospital in Portugal over the summer.

All of this growth has been facilitated by her mentor, with help from Julie’s mother, to support and help Julie exactly as she needs. Julie and her mentor have built a wonderful relationship, and will continue to work together this year as Julie makes the transition into college.

Julie’s mentor said: “I’ve had the most wonderful year working with Julie. She’s bright, she’s articulate, she’s creative, she’s the most emotionally intelligent 16-year-old. It is like talking to a peer.”

You can read more about The Girls’ Network here

* Julie’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

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